This year, we partnered with The Laundress to transform our monthly in-person events to a digital speaker series. Stay tuned for more events!

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Ruthie and Jessica are Co-founders of The Participation Agency, an award-winning experiential team. Their goal is to set the tone for a new era of female rights where women can mobilize together, build their networks and dominate in the fields of creativity, communications and entrepreneurship.

This is for those that put confidence over convention
For the irrational that think “good” is not good enough
We are leaders built with muscle and moxie
Pioneers, shaped by every woman before us
We are writers, artists, execs, and scholars
We are mothers, sisters, confidants, and conquerors

We speak for those that have been talked over and kept under
We stand with those that have been walked on and shut out
The revolution will not come with a whisper
It will come with the thunder of one collective voice

We are proclaiming our status at the top of our lungs
A woman alone in the boardroom is over
They will have to work longer and think faster
They will have to listen harder and learn quicker
We are not just here to break stereotypes
We are here to break records
Let’s make them take notes

We are not coming for approval
We are coming for everything
This is a declaration of strength
This is a declaration of change

Let’s Work.